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Huntsville, AL, wedding and portrait photographer Cindy Shaver is Life’s Captured Moments’ owner and head photographer. Cindy understands how monumental your wedding, senior portrait or family photography is. She is honored to have been trusted by Huntsville and north Alabama’s brides and families since 2005.


Cindy has recently been honored to be awared the title of Certified Professional Photograper, which means she has honed her skills in techiques such as lighting and composition and takes her a step closer to becoming a Master Photographer.

Being an extremely social person helps Cindy to quickly develop a casual rapport with her clients. Being able to make the photographic experience a fun event helps to make your final portraits much more expressive and meaningful. It is Cindy’s goal to be Alabama’s ”go to” wedding and portrait photographer of choice. Life’s Captured Moments is based in Huntsville, AL.


Please call on Cindy to discuss your Huntsville Wedding or Portrait Photography needs.

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  • Servicing residential clients only
  • Licensed and insured
  • Year established: 2005
  • Number of employees: 1
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  • Certified Professional Photographer trained to capture your special moments.
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  • Professional Photographers of America
  • Certified Professional Photographer
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11018 St. Alban Blvd SW., Huntsville, AL 35803
Huntsville, AL
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Testimonial #1
I highly recommend using Cindy Shaver for your photographer. She went above and beyond what I expected from a wedding photographer. Besides having great photos, she and her assistant were present at the rehearsal, were present the entire wedding day, had great attitudes, and in general were very nice to have around. They were never in the way. They took all the pictures on my “please take” list plus a ton more really great shots that I never would have thought of. You simply aren’t going to find her quality or services for her price anywhere else. She gave us all the proofs, the pictures on CD, and a montage set to music.
ByPetra Price
Testimonial #2
Cindy Shaver was a wonderful photographer. She worked with my crazy schedule and the pictures are beautiful. I didn’t give her any guidelines to work by, so she pretty much told us what to do and everything came out perfect. During the pictures before the wedding, my veil started to come apart, and Cindy was right there with thread and needle fixing the problem! I would definitely recommend that you go with Cindy.
ByBethany Griffith
Testimonial #3
I used Cindy Shaver for my wedding on November 17th. My husband and I were both very pleased with her work. We originally hired her because the package and price were better than any others and she was the only photographer that put my husband at ease….which is very important. She was always early and professional, personable and had great ideas for photos. In addition she was quick and willing to do any photos that we wanted and make any changes to those photos…even today! Most of all, we are extremely happy with the photos that were taken. I don’t think any other photographer could have done a better job.
ByAmanda Stremel
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Business Representative
Cindy Shaver

I love pictures! I'm so excited to turn that passion into a job that I love. I enjoy meeting new people and helping to preserve their memories.

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